National Archives, collective memory

date_range 1999 location_on Museum Sursock, Beirut

In 1999, Beirut was chosen as the “Cultural Capital of the Arab World”.

A group of philanthropists, future members of the Foundation, organized an exhibition at the Beirut Sursock Museum: “National Archives, collective memory”. A catalog was published and a documentary entitled ” Harvest of Memories” was produced showcasing the dramatic condition of this heritage.



Meeting of Cultures

date_range 2001 location_on Sehnaoui building, Banks street

While the Francophone Summit was held in Beirut in 2001, the Foundation organized the “Meeting of Cultures” Forum in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, and in partnership with other cultural foundations.



Chamber Music Concert

date_range 2003 location_on Faculty of Human Sciences. Saint Joseph Univesrity, Beirut

Abdel Rahman el Bacha playing the piano, Artos Noras playing the cello and

Regis Pasquier playing the violin performing music scores by composers from Mozart to Ravel. Proceeds from that evening went to the restoration of the National Library collections



« Pinceaux pour Plumes »

date_range 2006 location_on Sursock museum Beirut

At Sursock Museum and in collaboration with Janine Rubeiz Gallery, an exhibition entitled « Pinceaux pour Plumes » was held and was book-themed. 42 Lebanese artists and painters displayed their work revolving around books, letters, and symbols. In addition to the exhibition, there was a catalog and a documentary.



A Hundred Years of Press in Lebanon, 1858 – 1958

date_range 2010 location_on Place al Ajami. Beyrouth

High-quality reprinting of the first newspapers published between 1858 and 1958 were displayed in the passageways of Al Ajami at the center of Beirut. Researchers and university professors have contributed to the elaboration of a book that relays the activity of the printed press in Lebanon between 1858 and 1958.

In that framework, a documentary was produced.




date_range 2016 location_on Bibliothèque Nationale

A page numbering error in the book “A Hundred Years of Press in Lebanon, 1858 – 1958”, resulted in an exhibition in collaboration with Janine Rubeiz Gallery. 55 Lebanese artists created and offered a piece of work inspired by this book. The event took place in the reading room of the new National Library in Sanayeh.