The National Heritage

Origin: Viscount Philippe de Tarazi (1865-1906), a historian and a bibliophile, had a rich personal collection made up of more than 200,000 works, some 3,000 valuable manuscripts, along with the first issues of periodicals published in the region, and inestimable number of documents in the history of Arab and Middle Eastern press. Soon, he became aware that a country like Lebanon, with a culture that is more than 6,000 years old, couldn't blossom culturally in its immediate environment and beyond if it didn't preserve first and foremost its memory, the absence of which meant the absence of civilization.

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A trip across the collections

The historical collection:  it is composed of numerous manuscripts, documents, and priceless books. It was exposed since the beginning of the war to humidity and mould and looting. It is practically certain that a considerable part of these works has disappeared during that period. The remainder of this collection was stored in the National Archives where some restorations were done.

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The patrimonial collection of the Lebanese National Library is under restoration. The majority of books are seriously damaged. The main factors of deterioration are: bad conservation conditions, humidity, insects, paper acidity and glue used in bookbinding, ink acidity, usage of self-adhesive paper strips, and shrapnel of bullets or shells.

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Photos & Multimedia

Events & Programs

National Archives

The members of the foundation have contributed to the preparation of the exhibition of "National Archives - our Memory", the production of a documentary, and a very stylish booklet on the collections of the National Library.


Cultures Encounter

In 2001, the foundation has participated with the committee of the National Museum and other active cultural institutions in the exhibition "Meeting of Cultures". It organized a series of lectures and an exhibition of photographs and films.


Abdel Rahman El Bacha's Concert

In 2003, the Foundation organized a concert, performed by the world's leading Lebanese musician Abdel Rahman El Bacha. Its revenues were allocated to support the National Library Project.


Brushes and Quills

In 2006, the Lebanese National Library Foundation and the Janine Rubeiz Gallery assigned 42 Lebanese artists to come up with new pieces under the theme of the Book in order to enable the undertaking of the Library's Restoration Project, and to collect the necessary funds to this end.


Hundred years of Journalism in Lebanon

In 2010, the Lebanese Foundation for the National Library hoped to highlight on the role of the press in Lebanon, considered to be the stand of the free word in a country seeking freedom, in a special book and followed by an exhibition.